Información sobre el proceso de visas

Información sobre el proceso de visas 2017


Please be sure of the kind of visa you will be applying for. Go to the link below and inform yourself about the requirements for your type of visa.

We recommend:

  • Make sure you are applying through the correct Consulate. This Consular Section does not have constituency for residents of other countries rather than the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen and Bahrain.
  • Make sure you are applying for the right visa type according to the purpose of your trip.
  • Start your process by verifying you have all the documents ready to submit online. Verify that all the information you are submitting is correct as the online application does not allow you to enter new information when it has been submitted.
  • If you do not upload all the documents on the online visa application, your visa will be requested and therefore the process will take longer.
  • Once you receive a confirmation number for your online visa application you will need to schedule an appointment at the Consular Section at the Embassy for an interview with the Consul, for this process you will need to bring all original documents that are requested plus three passport photographs, your passport and the study visa payment slip from the bank.
  • If you do not bring all the documents, you will have to schedule another appointment.
  • Make sure that if you travel by invitation letter, the letter has to be notarized in a notary in Colombia and presented at this Consular Section in original.
  • The interview process needs to be done personally and directly at this Consular Section.
  • There are two payments in each visa process. The cost of each visa type is on the website. Please note that the payment has to be in US Dollars (the payment can be done in AED however paying the changing rate)
    • The first payment will be done before coming for the interview (Visa Study Fee) which is of USD$52.00
    • The second payment if the Visa Fee, which will be done only if you receive an approval e-mail so the visa can be stamped (The visa fee varies according to the visa type).




  • We do not accept online visa payments or payment transfers. Only deposits on the bank and bringing original receipts (not copies). The payment is not refundable.
  • Currently, the process takes from five to ten working days from the moment of submission of documents here at the Embassy.
  • Applicant’s lack of travel will not fall into Consulate’s priority to process your visa.
  • If you need more information regarding your visa process and/or status of application process. Kindly contact us via e-mail or call directly to the Embassy.

Tourism Visa Check List (TP-11)

  • Online application form filled correctly.
  • 3 passport photographs.
  • Confirmation of flight ticket booking.
  • Confirmation of hotel ticket booking.
  • Last 3 month bank statements. If you want to support your application, you may bring a salary certificate.
  • If traveling by invitation from a Colombian national: Invitation letter in Spanish from the co-national including their Colombian national ID number and making themselves responsible for the applicant during their travel. This letter has to be notarized in a notary in Colombia and brought in original format. Plus a Copy of their Colombian National ID.
  • Colored passport copy.
  • Colored copy of Visa and ID showing residency in the following countries: UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen or Bahrain. Residency in other countries not listed above will not be accepted at this Consular Section.
  • Visa Study fee slip from the bank (USD$52.00).


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